Sunday, July 27, 2014

What If Democracy Is A Fraud

This system provides the perfect form of control.  Anyone who resists it is immediately removed from their seat at the table of gluttony, corruption, fraud, looting and power.  So, it demands and receives nearly total conformity.  Certainly those who are in the system are, almost to a tee, willfully ignorant of this reality.

That Anthony Napolitano exists within the mainstream by telling the truth is very, very profound because it is a sign of the awakening that exists within this nation.  Awakening from lies, deceit, corruption, fraud and outright evil that creates it.   We are all institutionalized to our beliefs.  Which, frankly, is why we should have no strongly held beliefs.  Only, human values that allow us to live presently, and, thus appreciate without any ego-motive what each experience is meant to teach us.  We are witnessing the collapse of the disconnected ego on a universal scale.  This has never happened on a universal scale anytime in human history.

Certainly there are people who have no idea what is going on.  They don’t appreciate the power of this moment.  Their beliefs keep them from experiencing reality as it is unfolding.  By the way, this is not a bullish or bearish statement on finance or investments.  Both, the bulls and the bears share the same belief system.  That is, the future will unfold as it has in the past.  And, so they “believe” that they can protect themselves from what the future has yet to come.  Don’t bet on it.

One of the long-time theses on here is that both political parties are going to fail in this nation.  And the Democratic Party will likely be first.  I have not explained what lies behind this position but I have repeated it time and again.  Even when Obama’s approval rating was 75% and people who think with their eyes looked upon such a statement with disdain. 

Obama was not elected to ensure the will of the people.  He was elected by money, power, greed and evil to do their bidding.  It certainly appears to be that bidding is to destroy the national sovereignty of the United States.  We see that in the immigration scandal, the involvement of the United Nations in our sovereignty, the massively corrupt trade agreements that would further destroy our nation and on and on.  Obama is clearly empowering the corporatized borderless world of global capitalist tyranny.  What are his motives?  Who knows.  But, as I have noted before, the only explanation I can see that fits with his childhood is that of a communist who views capitalism as his method to achieve his beliefs of what the world should look like.  That is, a borderless world of corporate-controlled       equality enforced by a ruling class of incompetent, ignorant, statist thugs.  It’s certainly just a guess based on the small amount of evidence we are privy to.  Certainly this is not the objective of everyone in American politics.   Republicans would certainly agree with this statement to its limits.  That is, a nation of corporate control enforced by a ruling class of incompetent, ignorant, statist thugs.

Regardless, electing political parties in this nation means that the winner gets to impose their will on society.  They get to pass laws that loot, steal, pillage,impoverish and control everyone else.  We don’t elect politicians to keep us free.  That is patently absurd.  A free people is a people empowered to make life choices they wish to make without being forced to do so by a ruling class of political asshats.  That means my decisions in life are my own and I voluntarily make them of my own free will.  Whether those are negative or positive decisions is irrelevant.  It does not mean being forced into welfare as an only choice of survival or forced into Obamacare or forced to pay for violent state programs I don’t support or forced into serving in the war machine because there are no other economic options. 

This nation was founded on ethical and moral ideals.  Not perfectly so, but at that time, profoundly so.  Ever since that time evil has been trying to destroy this nation because of what it stood for.  Yet, more importantly, what it had the possibility of becoming.  That is, a first in nations that frees people from the rule of man.  And, so far, they have succeeded. 

What if democracy is a fraud.

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Obama Caught Lying Again About Obamacare

I think by now we can consider this type of behavior pathological.  This while Obama enjoys a life of leisure while others clean up his messes.  Racking up massive expenses on the American taxpayer’s back.  Are we still blaming everything on Republicans?

I must admit that I’m going to enjoy watching parts of this system fail because they are so corrupt.  One of them will be that former presidents get to live like kings off of the taxpayer’s back.   I would doubt Obama will be collecting his presidential retirement for very long.  But what will really create a sense of satisfaction is when Bill Clinton is dropped from the public dole.

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Friday, July 25, 2014

NASA: Humans Will Prove We Are Not Alone Bahahaha!

This is another example of anti-scientific nonsense that has, unfortunately, become the norm rather than the exception of science.  It is an unscientific statement founded only in ego, its perceptions of reality and its endless rationalizations.  This is a belief founded on one defining ego rationalization.  That is, the physical universe is nearly infinite so there must be something out there that closely resembles me.   Well, first of all, there is some reason to believe the ego and its perceptions are nothing more than illusions.  Secondly, there has never been any scientific evidence other intelligent life exists anywhere in the universe. 

If you want to believe otherwise, it is your prerogative.  But it is just that.  It is nothing more than a belief.   Six billion people in this world all have different beliefs.   Which belief system is the definitive source of truth?  How about none of them?  Beliefs don’t belong in science.   By the way, that includes unproven and unprovable “scientific” theories that are nothing more than unsubstantiated beliefs.  That NASA’s top administrator is quoting his beliefs rather than any foundational scientific principles in support of finding little green men shows the levels to which science is being destroyed by institutionalization, bureaucracy and ego. 

“Do we believe there is life beyond Earth?” asked former astronaut and NASA Administrator Charles Bolden. “I would venture to say that most of my colleagues here today say it is improbable that in the limitless vastness of the universe we humans stand alone.”

Now, I am not stating there is not intelligent life out there somewhere.  But when you institutionalize those beliefs as NASA is doing, then you are driven by ideology rather than scientific principles of discovery and the search for truth.  More importantly, you end up uselessly chasing your tail and directing untold resources to do it.

If one appreciates that time, space and matter may not be real, and many of humanity’s greatest minds intuitively  appreciate this distinct possibility, and that the universe may simply be a “hallucinogenic” creation of the mind, then one would realize that there certainly is no such thing as the universe.   That physical reality is indeed just The Matrix.  (As some readers already appreciate, the movie is a loose interpretation of matrix mechanics first hypothesized earlier in the twentieth century.)

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Amazon Reports Substantial Loss And Warns Of Upcoming Massive Loss

A Ponzi scheme written of on here many times.  But we reward incompetence in our centrally-planned financial system and society.

Finally, someone publicly quoted as stating it’s pretty hard to lose money on $20 billion in sales.  Well, that’s not actually true.   It would be like me selling cars for $5,000 that cost $10,000 to make.  Obviously, I’m going to report massive revenue growth as I am successful at selling those cars.  

If Amazon can string together three or four of these big losses, it will be teetering on the precipice.  As noted on here in the past, another too big to fail dinosaur likely headed for extinction.  And, like all of the others, they’ll probably be standing in line for a bailout soon enough.  But no bailout for you.  Just for crony capitalism.

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Warriors Of The Rainbow

“When the Earth is sick, the animals will begin to disappear, when that happens, The Warriors of the Rainbow will come to save them.” – Chief Seattle

I’m dubious of many quotes of people who are long gone unless they are documented in their original writings.  But, I quote them anyway.   Smile  Chief Seattle, which the English translation that everyone will recognize, was actually a quite profound thinker and accomplished mystic.  (As an aside, according to an anthropologist I know, American Indians were the tallest people on earth two hundred years ago, towering a full head height above Europeans.  Seattle, born well over two hundred years ago, was over 6’ tall.  It was all of that meat they ate.  Maybe it’s also why their mysticism was so well developed.  Just a little friendly poke at vegans.)  One must appreciate the context under which this statement was made.  It was made in reference to the behavior of European states and their often wholesale destruction of the natural world.

Now, back to the present day, 130 environmental groups have called for the end of capitalism.   Their reasons are because of global warming, which long time readers will appreciate that I see nothing but baseless, unscientific claims behind any such conclusion.  The models created by the IPCC have failed completely in their predictions and, as such, are a mockery to  anyone who actually appreciates what science is.   The science deniers are the liberals themselves who spout the marginalizing nonsense that the science is settled yet cannot explain the first thing about the work of the IPCC or its supporters. 

I find it ironic that the Sierra Club is at the forefront of this effort and they have taken nearly $30 million dollars from natural gas corporations.   This isn’t some wild claim.  It is documented in the mainstream media and the Sierra Club, caught with their pants down, then was forced to distance themselves from natural gas corporations but never gave that money back.  In other words, the Sierra Club wouldn’t actually be able to press its message without capitalism.  But, then maybe they wouldn’t need to.   Ditto with the United Nations hosting this event.  The UN is a non-democratic institution of unelected bureaucrats that should never, ever be granted any enforceable power over a free people.   Just like all other big, bureaucratic, centrally-planned institutions of the ego, I wouldn’t be betting on the successful fate of the UN. 

Now, why did I type that last paragraph?  Because I want to make a point that marginalizing liberal idiots often use to destroy other legitimate dissenting points of reason.   The Sierra Club may take money from the natural gas industry, and they may be wrong about the roots of climate change, but does that make all of their concerns about the planet illegitimate?  Of course not.   But, the tactic of fanatic liberals is to lump everything into the same bucket and call everyone of a dissenting view a racist, a science denier, a baby killer, a Republican or whatever else they know will shut down or substantially marginalize dissent.  Liberalism as defined in this nation is truly a mental disorder.  By the way, the Republican Party is a bastion of “neo”liberalism using these same ploys to shut down people like Ron Paul.

There is a reality that is being presented before us.  Our air, land, waterways, places of work, our homes, our bodies and our minds are being turned into toxic shitholes.   The earth is indeed sick as Chief Seattle noted.   The toxic sickness of humanity’s cumulative minds and our bodies has never been greater.  Just 50 years ago, look at the movies or magazines and see how morbidly obese and sick we have become.  Look at the acting out, addictions and uncentered minds that are so common in the modern corporate capitalist society.  And the rise of chronic diseases and instability of so many.   The corporate state is already in a permanent state of systemic failure for more than half of the population.

This system has also devastated much of the biodiversity of the natural world.  Maybe more importantly for the future, what remains of the natural world is viewed as the next parking lot for Wal-mart or the next tract housing development for corporate wage slave drones.   This system of privatizing gains and socializing losses as it has always worked is simply not sustainable.   Privatizing gains and socializing losses is corporate capitalism.  It’s no great secret on here that I think a substantial probability exists that corporate capitalism will not survive.   And, even the concept of states may not survive much longer than capitalism.   That said, I’m not ready to throw the baby out with the bath water as many fanatics wish.  I’m not ready to live in a cave without air conditioning or the Internet either.  If you wish to live that way, have at it.  Ted Kaczynski’s shack is probably still available.  As written ad nauseam on here, I support all of the ideals that corporate capitalists rave about but have never delivered for all of humanity.  That is, personal empowerment, personal responsibility, property rights, human individualism, emotional freedom from the Borg, the ability to “monetize” scientific and social advances for the benefit of humanity, etc. 

If the quote from Chief Seattle is accurate, the people of the rainbow are almost certainly the people of today.  The people of all colors from all corners of the globe who are now connected and united into a single family for the first time in history.  And who are now responsible for banding together to save our planet, and in the process, save ourselves from this exploitative and violent system.   And, the only way that is going to happen is to change this socioeconomic system.  As I have noted on here ad nauseam, there is nothing wrong with humanity.  It’s this system that makes people ignorant.   It’s the system that disconnects people from their own divinity, from their own self-reinforcing feedback of emotional and spiritual growth, from each other and from the cycle of all life.  We are the people the world has been waiting for. 

If we were unencumbered, we would make incremental,  positive changes that push power to the people from the systematized power.   That includes a process of unwinding all of the useless and corrupt laws that define this system.  And, do so over time.  Then monitor and continue to incrementally refine the feedback of its effects.   The first step was missed in 2008 when we should have started breaking up large corporations and prosecuting systemic political and corporate fraud.   But, that isn’t going to happen because the status quo would lose their power and control over our lives.   The United States, as just one example, needs large corporations with large reach to project its hegemony globally.  When empire ends, so will the mass of corporations.   I have noted that I expect the empire to effectively be finished by 2022.   If that happens, the world is going to change very, very rapidly in coming years.  Even more rapidly than the last five since the 2008 collapse.

So, it seems apparent there are at least two possible outcomes intertwined in our fate-filled future.  One is complete collapse of everything where the pieces are then picked back up rather rapidly as happened in 1929.  The other is a combination of partial and complete collapse of pieces that will happen around the world in waves.   The factors determining this are too broad to identity.  Globalization could end because the world’s consumers are tapped out or it could end because of a pandemic or countless other outcomes in between.   But, what is likely to develop in this system’s place is what is needed to develop to meet the immediate needs of people.  Thus, driven mostly at a local level.   And, much of that that will likely involve re-use of what already exists.   So, parts of capitalism that work will possibly be kept or repurposed.  We will possibly see a hodge podge of ideas throughout the world that develop through fits and starts.  Some destined to fail, others with possibilities tweaked towards improvements and yet others to survive.   But, we have an ability to replicate successes rapidly given the global connection that now exists through the advancement of the Internet.    And, part of those successes will almost certainly involve Warriors of the Rainbow and their attempts to respectfully reconnect humanity with the natural world as it always was before the advent of what we now call modern society. 

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Update On Geopolitical Economic Shifts Between China, The U.S. And The BRICs

I have written of the coming collapse of China since well before the 2008 collapse.    It was preordained long ago.   Actually Bill Clinton and Al Gore’s corrupt presidency and their policies preordained it.  It’s coming regardless of what the central planners, including Chinese communists, U.S. economists, western corporate capitalists and Wall Street believe or wish us to believe.  

It’s prescient to note that Chinese communist party leader and premiere Li has adamantly stated recently that China will not experience a hard economic landing.  How many times have we heard the horrid predications of central planning buffoons in the west work out exactly opposite of their exclamations?  The arrogance of exclaiming some grand power over the lives of  hundred of millions or billions of people and an economic system with untold trillions of moving parts is a sign of their megalomania.

One of the web crawlers I have is on specific news involving China.  I mentally monitor the type and frequency of that particular news.   As noted in some of the recent news links below, the rhetoric appears to be picking up between the west and China.  Regardless, the mainstream media tone has indeed changed over that of the last dozen years or so.   There used to be an endless stream of drivel on the China miracle, the Asian century and countless other examples of journalistic nonsense.  Now the same bobbleheaded journalists are reporting a much different picture.  One that has always existed but didn’t fit the memes our masters were pumping as media talking points regurgitated by a willfully ignorant journalist community.   

This is very important to appreciate because the mood of western capitalist state power has made a massive sea change towards China.  China is now viewed as a threat rather than a profit opportunity.  Forget any political pulpit rhetoric about wishing a happy and cooperative relationship with China.  The reflection of reality are the memes that are now planted in the press.   Mind you, China’s corrupt, repressive, controlling, centrally-planned statist society was always a threat to freedom, as all violent statist systems are, but the power of greed and profit far outweighed that threat.   With a change in mood from greed to fear,  we can expect responses, both overt and covert to be in accordance with this reality.  This is right inline with anticipated outcomes written of on here. 

Most everyone who is reading this is probably aware that the BRICs nations have recently created their own development bank to challenge the U.S. controlled IMF and World Bank.  And, as a result their trade settlement will surpass the use of dollars.  Many people see this as impending doom for the dollar.  Don’t bet on it.    These countries have no other choice than to watch their economies implode with the massive pool of dollar outflows leaving their nations.  This new development bank is not driven by rising strength in these nations but rather exposes their weakness and reliance on dollars now fleeing their borders.  And this is their statist answer.   I am dubious of their abilities to accomplish anything, even if it may be a symbolic gesture in the right direction.

What exactly do any of these countries make other than cheap labor to be exploited by western economies?  What will this bank actually fund?  90% of China’s exports are by western (western includes Japanese) companies to serve the needs of western or Japanese consumers.  Those companies are not going to settle their trade in yuan, rubles , rupees or real.  They are going to settle their trade in dollars and euros.   The amount of trade between these nations not involving western capital or western companies is negligible.  So, the impact of this new development bank is likely to remain negligible. 

If these countries attempt to mandate a new settlement system to western capital and corporations operating in their nations, they will simply experience foreign capital flight and associated implosion of their already corrupt and useless currencies.  What the hell do any of these countries produce that western companies or consumers want?   Almost nothing without western company-funded jobs, science and economic development.  Brazil, India and China kiss western capitalist asses every day and thank them for the jobs, science, technology, development and economic growth they brought with them.  Because these nations were well too corrupt to create those dynamics on their own.  And will remain well too corrupt in the future without transformative economic and political change. 

I have also been writing for the last eight years that the global trade settlement system is in for some major changes, collapse or  crisis.  All of these moves away from the dollar and all of this new direct trade settlement was predicted as a macro theme on here.  In other words, that we would see a move towards what would likely be direct trade settlement in lieu of dollars.  A change in the global trade settlement system or a crisis in the global trade settlement system doesn’t mean the dollar is preordained to collapse as so many believe.   To the contrary, as written on here many times, the dollar will likely rise violently as this cycle ends.  The beliefs behind dollar collapse are generally wishful thinking driven by emotions and associated faulty analysis.  Who exactly is going to run away from dollars or repudiate dollars?  The very dollar-based interests that dominate the world today?  Bulloney.

If you ask people in Russia, India, China or Brazil if they would rather have dollars or their own local currencies, to a person, the answer would clearly be dollars.   Dollars have been the most sought after black market item everywhere in the world for a long time.  If you don’t understand that, then you don’t have a deep enough appreciation of how wildly corrupt the entire world is and how useless most currencies have always been.  As noted on here many times over the last nine years, China’s currency is worthless.  They just don’t realize it yet. 

The mainstream media’s mood towards China has definitely seen a sea change as noted in the links below.  And, it has changed because the mood of the power structure in western capitalist societies has changed.  Soon, policies will change to reflect that mood. 

It is ignorant to believe the U.S., Europe, Japan or any other western capitalist nations are going to simply sit back and do nothing as the world shifts beneath their feet.  They will respond with policies of violence to protect their interests.  That is the only reason the state exists.  To perpetuate violence on behalf of state actors.  If China doesn’t want to use dollars as trade settlement, the U.S. has clear cover to default in some manner on China’s Treasury holdings or flash up trade barriers.   ie, If you don’t accept our currency, I’m sorry but we cannot pay our bills or trade with you freely.  That’s just one possibility.  And don’t believe the U.S. hasn’t planned for these contingencies either.  Most certainly someone in the bowels of secrecy has. 

Private, for-profit capital has become dominant in this moment of time.  But, remember, the force of the state is even more powerful.  Private, for-profit capital only exists to serve the state.  And the state will exert its violent authority when necessary.   Empire is headed for the trash heap but then so too are the powers it created around the globe.  That includes the BRICs.

Australia will stand up to China to defend liberal values

China increases communist re-education to ensure its control goes unchallenged

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China warns officials against aping western morality.  The communist state’s version of corruption is far preferred.

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China’s rise and Asian tensions send U.S. relationship into spiral

China thinks it can beat the U.S. in battle

How fracking helps American beat German industry (And China)

Energy: the indispensable country

China’s top paper warns of slippery slope of conflict with the U.S.

Pentagon plans new tactics to deter China in South China Sea

Juggling act for China as inflows slow

U.S. owned factories selling rotted meat in China (Not related directly but simply shows how western firms own vast tracts of even Chinese-branded factories in China.  Think Mitt Romney and his band of exploitative renter capitalist hooligans.  Don’t believe those barbed wire fences and guard towers are to keep people out of his factory.  That is what a badge reader is for.  Not barbed wire fences and guard towers.  If Romney is too ignorant to realize this, then it would simply be par for the course.  This system operates from ignorance starting at the very top.)

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Monetary Fungibility Part Deaux: Auto Loan Crisis Dead Ahead

As I noted in my last post on Janet Yellen’s asshat remarks, money is fungible.   That means all assets impacted by Federal Reserve policy are impacted equally.   There is no bubble in small caps or junk bonds or other discrete examples.  The bubble is everything.  The bubble is everywhere.  It’s our entire perceptions of reality are a bubble.  The bubble of Washington power is as large as the housing bubble.  The bubble in stocks is as large as the bubble in health care.  The bubble in auto loans is as big as the bubble in consumer debt.  The bubble in industrial farming is as big as the bubble in the military-industrial complex.  The bubble in tyranny and subjugation against the American people is as big as the oil price bubble.  And on and on and on. 

What one really must take away from this New York Times post is not that car loans are the new housing market bubble.  What one must understand is that there is no place left to create new credit.  So, the only way to keep this Ponzi scheme going is to extend credit wherever banking crooks can create demand.   If they can find a sucker to take a car loan for six years at $500 a month, they must do it or watch the system freeze up due to a collapse in the money supply.  

All we are doing is rounding out the size and scope of all bubbles touched by Washington politicians, corporations, Wall Street and the Federal Reserve.   Anything they touch, they will ultimately destroy by squirting money in every orifice impacted by their policy.   That is fungibility.   Hence the reality is all bubbles are equally comparable bubbles.  That includes liar loans on cars, houses, home improvement loans, company loans, margin debt, government debt, credit cards debt, student loan debt, equity margin debt, debt market margin debt, mergers & acquisitions debt, private equity debt, military spending debt and on and on and on.    They are all liar loans because that is the only way they can keep this system from collapsing. 

The ignorance and arrogance of central planners is truly obscene.   I must say that I have never, ever seen anything like this in my life.  We say that over and over again throughout generations but this time it truly is different.  Through no qualified ability or corrective feedback loop, Washington, Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, massive corporations and countless other centralize bureaucracies around the world develop this belief system of their omniscience.  But their perceptions of omniscience are only achieved through policies of violence.  That includes ripping people off anyway they can.  Car loans?  War loans?  Housing loans?  Student loans?  What is the difference?  

We are literally witnessing what is must have been like to like under the Soviet Union or under King George or King Louis XVI.   The buffoonery is so surreal it’s almost hard to believe I’m not watching this in a Mel Brooks’ comedy.

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Earth’s Magnetic Field Collapsing Much Faster Than Predicted

If this is accurate, and it probably is, true science should have predicted this.   In other words, the magnetic field’s strength is likely proportional to solar activity.  If there is a weak sun, there is a weak magnetic field needed by the earth.  There are scientists who did actually predict this.  Just not institutionalized, mainstream science manipulated by politicians, fanatics, corporations and Wall Street.

For years I have made note of the changes to our sun that are happening.  And, given some sound scientific theories on what is happening.  That includes a long Jupiter astrological/astronomical cycle that affects solar activity through barycenter physics dynamics. 

There certainly are larger forces than Jupiter involved but we just don’t know concretely what those are.  After experiencing the most active sun in the last 8,000 years solar activity is now weaker than at any time in the last century.  And it is almost certainly going to get weaker yet.   The only question is how long this will last.  Will we be in another extended minimum of cooler temperatures?  Or will this simply last a solar cycle or two?  Regardless, according to IPCC data, the earth has not warmed in nearly 18 years.

By the way, the last two days saw solar activity readings lower than at any time since the 2008 financial collapse comparing  data posted at the NOAA space weather center and my own records. 

Interestingly, with the collapse of the earth’s magnetic field comes the rise in measured gamma ray blasts hitting the earth from deep space.  As noted on here over the years, gamma rays are the most powerful energy source known to man.  And they are also the best cellular mutators; something else talked about on here.  Climate change, the rise in bacteria resistance, the rise of new superbugs, the rise of treatment resistant mosquitos, the rise of Roundup resistant weeds, the awakening of the human mind and much more are almost certainly interrelated in ways we simply have yet to consider.  If the universe is a creation of the human mind, and humanity has held this mystical and intuitive possibility for thousands of years, (although institutionalized, mainstream science completely rejects this even as a possibility except for a very few mainstream scientists not fully institutionalized to this system)  then the rise in gamma ray sources from deep space and the failure of the sun may be reflections of the reality we are creating rather than the other way around. 

When I first wrote cold and dry was coming, I noted that democracy loves cold, dry weather.  At the time, the world was experiencing Pax Globalia.  The only supposed crisis in the world was the United States “housing bubble”.   Meh.  Maybe I should have said that we might consider the divine life force of the universe has heard the cries of suffering from all life and it too loves freedom.  Freedom for all life.   Or, that all life cannot be controlled or denied its existence or worthiness.  Just something to consider in a dumbed-down existence where the disconnected ego thinks it has everything figured out with the dumbed-down god of manipulated, institutionalized, hierarchical science that subverts our mind’s higher power and the purity of its intents of discovery and truth.  

Title link Earth’s magnetic field is imploding

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Stocks Are 80% Overvalued In The Third Biggest Bubble In History?

This is a nice article.  But, this is not the third biggest bubble.  It is the largest bubble by far.  I have noted on here in the past that traditional measurements do not capture the scale of horror that defines asset prices.  PE, Tobin’s Q, market value to GDP, Multi-year PEs made famous by Shiller, any intrinsic value measurement like book value, cash flow, enterprise value to free cash flow, etc do not capture the scale of this bubble.  This bubble is so massive that it defines everything we believe economically and has defined our reality for all but the oldest people in this world.  Obviously, I will be talking more specifically about this.  But as noted on here for the last half dozen years my downside target for the S&P is 200-450.  That is, if the stock market survives. 

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

The State’s “Book Burnings, Its Suppression Of Dissent And How The CIA Terrorizes The Entire World Including American Citizens

I remember back in 2008 during the midst of the collapse, I got a mid-day call from a friend.  I had told some time beforehand that if I were him I would consider liquidating all of my financial investments into cash.   I told him that there was a mass awakening underway and that the entire system was going to unwind.   He said that he didn’t see any type of awakening inferring that I was smoking something.   But that awakening has been a long time theme on here.  How do you like that awakening now?   It’s incredible in just a few short years how informed the world has become on how massively corrupt our economic and political systems are.   We have actually seen entire country governments be sacked or close to being sacked in the last handful of years.  Even in developed countries.   The only people who are still in the bubble of ignorance are its useful idiots and the predators who control their belief systems.

The excellent discussion in this video (with a 98% thumbs up rating) interview is very consistent with past writings on here.   This system exists through deception, distortion and propaganda.  These figurative book burnings extend far beyond social censorship to social deceits, distortions and propaganda in our media, our corporations, our political process, our religious institutions and our educational and university systems.   Social value systems are transient and not a source of truth.  Only human values are innate and a source of timeless truths.  Only compassion, kindness, mercy, equality, justice, respect, forgiveness, trust, love, community, dignity, selflessness and the like are sources of truth. 

As I have noted on here in the past, universities used to be bastions of small L liberalism where new ideas on freedom and human rights were discussed, debated and developed.  The original universities were comprised of the liberal arts that society believed were necessary for its citizens to become great defenders of liberty and freedom.    The Greeks saw the liberal arts as subjects or skills that were considered essential for a free person to know in order to take an active part in civic life.   Liberal arts taught people how to think rather than what to think.   It’s no coincidence good capitalists in the corporate state mock liberal arts as a useless degree that provides no foundation for a “career” serving our masters.  Now that schools are beginning to include curriculum on human-caused global warming is equally as sinister. 

Remember, a long time thesis on here is that we could see extra-judicial Nuremburg-type trials in our nation.   As heinous as the allegations of CIA activity in this interview is, I suspect you ain’t seen nothin yet.  Our government is so secretive not because it is trying to protect us, but because it is protecting itself from prosecution for the crimes against humanity it is perpetuating.   That includes Americans.

On that note, I seriously doubt this system can be reformed in its current configuration.  Ever.  Even after the global economy  seizes or fails on some level and humanity is completely exposed to its untold evils.  As noted for many years, this cycle could be termed the end of big.  I suspect this very well could be the end of  large states as we know them.  States like China, Russia, India, Brazil, the E.U., the U.S., etc. 

Now, if this happens, it could take years or decades.  There could be fits and starts or violent and rapid busts or attempts at reorganization as we have seen happen repeatedly in Egypt.   It may happened differently around the world or it may not happen at all.  But, in some way, we are almost certainly going to see a return to Enlightenment Principles; essentially creation of a system of self-rule that empowers humanity or leaves humanity alone.   The end result will be that self-determined people  will do what they do best.  That is, create, invent, solve, prosper, produce, etc.    The vast amount of suffering around the world today is because China, Russia, the E.U., the U.S. and the local states they control are constantly destabilizing humanity. 

And, that means if our nation doesn’t crumble into pieces as I have noted it may, that we will likely see a future government structure more in line with Enlightenment Principles.  ie,  A structure that pushes power down to the daily lives of citizens to solve their problems within the construct of individualism and community.  This while neutering a wildly corrupt  central state authority in some far off land that is reminiscent of the British crown in 1776 London.   That is, some semblance of Jeffersonian democracy be that State’s Rights or the Articles of Confederation or something similar.    And that system will be founded on a substantial awareness and distrust of concentrated power be that politicians or corporations or the military-industrial complex.   That means an existence substantially more decentralized (localization and communities),  substantially more determined from the local will of We The People and possibly even much more agrarian, skilled-trades and craft-based in scope.  ie, Regardless, a system that aligns more closely with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs and associated self-actualization.  Again, something talked about on here many times.

Mind you, this has all happened substantially because of the re-emergence of the virtual coffeehouse “penny university”.  The  penny universities that now engulfs the world.   That is, the virtual community of the Internet.   A place where education, learning, sharing of ideas and expansion of knowledge has created a new classless method of inclusive, community universities.   This is what going to university used to be before capitalism hijacked our universities and turned them into farm systems for wage slaves.  

The common man is now much more informed than the ignorant state actors who attempt to control, manipulate and deceive us for the benefit of state actors like Wall Street, the political parties, politically-aligned religious fanatics, the Chamber of Commerce, mainstream media, corporations, the aristocratic predators, the investor class, etc..  The Internet has become the great equalizer and we can never go back.  There is no way to put the genie back in the bottle.  It’s also why people like Obama, ignorant mainstream journalists, Congresspersons like Diane Feinstein and corporations are always whining about chat boards, bloggers, Youtubers, online whistleblowers, online journalists, etc and Congress continues to try to pass laws to shut them up.   

Here is a link to Crispin’s remarks of the Forbidden Bookshelf.  That includes The Lords of Creation.  A secret history of corporate capitalism and its endless predation, victimization and tyranny on our society.  And, of course, The Phoenix Program that is certainly being used against the American people.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Breaking News From The Kremlin: Janet “Central Planner” Yellen Warns Of Excessive Asset Valuations

I wasn’t planning any posts today but I can’t pass up this hilarity.  Another example of the arrogance of central planners to believe they can tamp down what they believe to be a problem is while maintaining what they believe is not a problem.  It isn't small caps or biotech that are bubbles, the entire Wall Street, Washington, Federal Reserve-created monster that is both the U.S. and global economy (empire) are bubbles.

Janet needs to learn a new word.  Fungible.  Money is fungible.  That means her statements today are ludicrous, bureaucratic mumbo jumbo that clearly don’t endear confidence.  Instead it reaffirms that the Federal Reserve is wearing an asshat.   First they deny they created any bubbles and now they admit they may have created a few.

Fungible simply means the universal “indistinguishability” of money guarantees that all assets impacted by central planners at the Federal Reserve are valued relatively equally.   The Fed can’t fix a problem created by political corruption and treason.  It is Washington politicians from both parties that have primary blame for destroying the U.S. economy.  I’m no big fan of the Fed in its current form but they are simply one of many tools used by Wall Street and Washington to destroy our liberty and enslave us to state violence. 

Yellen sees what she believes is a problem in small caps or biotech stocks.   But the reality is the Fed, other central banks, private banking crooks, the investor class (renter capitalist) and politicians around the world have induced a global asset bubble of unprecedented proportions.  All valuations of all assets are stratospheric.  That anyone believes the S&P 500 or Dow is any less a bubble because the PE ratio is lower, doesn’t appreciate the enormity of this global bubble. 

As written on here probably more than one hundred times in the last nine years, we are in the biggest financial bubble the world has ever seen.   Everything people who support this system believe to be true about economics, society, employment, money, etc is likely to be exposed as nothing more than a self-created tyranny of beliefs.  And Janet “Kremlin” Yellen isn’t going to bring parts of that bubble down while maintaining the lofty valuations of others through rhetoric or central planning or monetary policy (because of the fungibility of money).  That she believes she can or is even willing to try reeks of systemic incompetence so typical of central planning bureaucrats.  

“Power always thinks it has a great soul and vast views beyond the comprehension of the weak; and that it is doing God’s service when it is violating all His laws.” -- John Adams

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Monday, July 14, 2014

The Mythical Service (Servant) Economy Appears To Be Starting Its Disintegration

One of the major themes on here is that a job is not a job is not a job.  There are capital-producing activities or employment and capital-consuming activities and employment.   The first makes society richer and the latter simply derives its existence through the consumption of wealth created by the former.  In other words, capital-consuming jobs are really nothing more than a tax.  Some examples of capital-consuming jobs or activities are politicians, lobbyists, retailing, merchant businesses, hedge funds, financial advisors, MBAs, banking, insurance, real estate agents, lawyers, professional sports, entertainment, etc.   

Some people have a hard time understanding this simple concept but as noted on here before, it would have the same impact on the wealth of society if we paid people in capital-consuming employment to stay home and watch TV.   Now, because the only way we are able to survive in modern corporate capitalist society is via money (employment, work or demeaning state handouts) we have some capital-consuming activities that people are actually paid to perform that may create a higher quality of life for our citizens and society as a whole.  And, thus, society may wish to pay the tax of enjoying these activities.  A few examples may be the arts or entertainment or your favorite local restaurant. 

So, a major point in this theme discussed on here is that the post-capitalist service economy is a myth.    And I can assure you 100% that it is.  And I will explain this in excruciating detail this year.   But as noted many times on here, about 85% of all jobs in our economy create zero wealth.   Many are do-nothing, doing-each-other’s-laundry service (servant) economy jobs.  These jobs and the service economy as a while have grown to be so large that they are literally reliant on most citizens spending every single dollar they make to prop up this mythical meme.   Once society begins to save (not possible for most Americans) or run out of money, people will cut back on much of the service economy and start doing their  own proverbial laundry.  So, one method of actually measuring the early phases of coming liquidity shocks to this segment of the economy would be to watch the BLS or some reliable source for the number of, say, retail restaurant or bartender jobs created.   That’s just one example.  I’m sure you can think of many but PCE (personal consumption expenditures) itself is well too distorted.  By the way, there will  be more horrifying penning on this topic soon enough.  

Another long-time theme is that the sports/entertainment industry and casinos, a segment of this broader measurement,  examples of doing-each-other’s-laundry or capital-consuming economy, are headed for massive hard landings.   As noted on here a few times over the years, we can expect salary haircuts as much as 90% for many of the the amusement industries amongst us.   An example might be that we would see the ultra-high paid sports athletes and entertainers eventually see their wages plunge drastically.   Instead of making $20 million per movie, maybe a top actor makes $2 million.  Who know, maybe substantially less.  Ditto with athletes.   That is, if money doesn’t actually become useless first.   Which, by the way, would produce the same outcome but simply more severe.   I can assure you without any doubt that this is coming and will explain the whys of this dynamic in detail. 

Hmm…  Without money or without an outsized doing-each-other’s-laundry service economy, how does someone like Mitt Romney, Jamie Dimon, Al Gore or LeBron James, four examples of people who create zero wealth in our nation, afford to keep multiple residences and convince a plethora of service economy lackeys to maintain their garish lifestyles?  They don’t.  And, they won’t.  It’s coming.

Atlantic City’s gambling-addicted doing-each-other’s-laundry casino economy is already starting its implosion(Trump’s owners now just confirmed it too is closing this fall.).    As noted on here in the past, I suspect we are going to see casinos fall like dominos in coming years.  Atlantic City consumers are either running out of money (another data point of liquidity draining out of the service economy as wealth-creating employment continues its collapse) or Gambler’s Anonymous must be doing a more brisk business or the nationwide casino bubble is saturated and reversing trend.

Another long-time thesis is that the capitalist and empire-necessary hyper-consumerism are headed for the dung heap.  Remember, hyper-consumerism goes hand in hand with the mythical bloated post-capitalist service economy.   In other words, the service economy requires you to fork out a regular weekly or monthly payment on often useless and frivolous spending aka a tax on society in order to prop up useless job creation and sustainability.    So, go buy a new car you can’t afford - record high monthly payments and record long monthly terms as we see today.  Both payments and the length of payments required to buy a car have hit record highs. 

Self-sufficiency of any kind is a threat to the mythical post-capitalist service economy.   Be that making or growing your own food, learning to maintain your health in lieu of endless reliance on the sickcare complex, learning your own crafts and skills to make or fix more of what you need or whatnot.   The service economy cannot exist if you are self-sufficient in any way.  It requires you to simply be an ignorant consumer reliant on everyone else for every aspect of your existence.  Americans and people in general are more reliant on the state than at any time in history.  I am quite confident that trend is changing and we see this already in many self-sufficiency dynamics, including barter, developing critical mass.  (A future of barter, including between nations, is also a long-time theme on here.  And if you watch intently, you have seen many nations setting up direct trade settlement and barter arrangements in the last year or two.  Just as I anticipated they would.  Btw, barter is a rejection of state authority including the violence of centrally-controlled creation and distribution of money.)

This past few weeks it appears Shopaholics Anonymous must be picking up quite a few new members.   Retailers are reporting unusually weak behavior with the American consumer.  Of course, turning sentient beings into dumbed-down drones whose favorite pastime is shopping is another example of state violence and part and parcel to the ignorance that is so necessary for corporate capitalism and the service economy to succeed.  The corporate capitalist Idiocracy (the dumbed-down corporate state) is starting to show new signs of stress.   “Waking up” must naturally result in the failure of hyper-consumerism.  Of course, so must the end state of a system that doesn’t create wealth but only shifts it from the weak (oftentimes the honest, the just and those exploited) to those backed by the force of the state. (Predators, victimizers, exploiters or as Ayn Rand noted, moochers and parasites.)

On that note, as discussed on here many times, per capital retail space in this nation has swelled 500% in the last 35 years.   Additionally, casino space and overall gambling in the economy has gone from nearly nothing during that period of time to a massive bubble.   And, mind you, being a capital-consuming tax on society, it certainly is a bubble used to extract massive rent out of American hyper-consumerism.   These two trends are simply not sustainable and they will revert back to trend or possibly even overshoot to the downside before normalizing.  Whatever that means.  And no one knows exactly what a normalized future does mean. 

Our economy has grown through capital consumption rather than capital formation for a long, long time.   At least since the times of Reagan. 

A job is not a job is not a job.  Capital-consuming jobs are a massive wealth-shifting tax on society.  It’s a tax on an economy that doesn’t create the vast majority of its own wealth we cannot afford.  So, instead these wealth-shifting schemes have been funded through massive debt.   And, that means these types of employment are in serious trouble.  By the way, we can thank supply-side economic policies for this.  I’ll be writing more of this in a rather unique look what I am talking about. (Because what is now on the verge of failing is that very economic ideology.)


But, it is not money itself that allows the type of inflation we have seen in the last forty years.   There are other factors involved including empire and debt.  Whether that is through a debt-based monetary system or not is irrelevant.  Debt is a primary driver for that inflation.  Debt allows prices to artificially rise substantially beyond what otherwise could ever occur without systemic failure.  So, the price of your house, the stock market and food are all a function of the same dynamics.  Enslaving people to debt has allowed corporate capitalism to raise prices (rent-seeking profit), often indiscriminately, without any concern as to sustainable supply or demand.   And to do so for decades beyond that which fundamentals ever would have allowed.  It has created the illusion of prosperity to mask the economic blight that defines the U.S. economy for most Americans.

In other words, effectively a function of debt is the ability to raise prices beyond which otherwise would be possible.  On that note, I have noted many times that debt deflation is a myth.  The Federal Reserve is afraid that a debt unwinding will cause deflation.  I have noted that even if all of the debt in this nation or the world was wiped away, we are going to see deflation.   It’s not the debt itself that is the source of deflation.  It’s the dynamics that debt creates through the artificial ability to raise prices beyond that which economic fundamentals support.

There is no way most people in our nation could afford anything without the debt or rent extraction dynamics of the monthly payment.  We are all slaves to a monthly payment and debt.  That includes our government.  Food, cars, education and houses should be cheaper to produce than ever.  But they aren’t.  Why is that?    The same reason the Dow Transports are up 64x in the last forty years.

As written on these pages before, because corporations, not just banks,  control the money supply in our nation, the only way any modicum of economic recovery can ever happen is for corporate capitalism to fail on a grand scale.   Globally.  That can happen through many dynamics.  It could be the collapse of globalization, the end of money in some form, the end of private banking in some form, the end of American empire, the end of the state that props up this system through its violence or some other example that subverts corporate control.   This is one of the inherent contradictions of corporate capitalism that will likely result in the permanent demise of  the state-created corporate matrix.   And possibly the eventual demise of the state itself.

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Dispatches From Freedom Summer: Ghosts Of Greenwood …. And Capitalism’s Past Horrors.

I have to laugh at the endless nonsense of people who write and say the most ignorant things.  Like we haven’t had free markets in a long time.  And free markets would solve this current global depression.  Or, this isn’t capitalism, it’s corporatism.  Or, let the free market determine a minimum wage.   Frankly, these are all lies of the mind.   The delusions, denial and logical rationalizations of the ego are literally endless.  To sit and try to rationalize why someone should be paid $8 an hour or, oftentimes, even less is pure evil.    It truly is.   You will never find someone making $8 an hour advocating for such inhumane wage slavery.  And more, importantly, the meaningless life it creates.  It’s only the evil of disconnected ego and its perceptions of superiority that would ever deny anyone a living wage and the human worthiness that comes with it.  It’s no different than people who glorify war and and talk of it romantically with some kind of twisted affection for battle, violence and, really what war is- state sponsored murder.  These are all signs of a mind operating purely on the ego’s rationalism.  And, the disconnected ego can and does rationalize every evil it can conjure up.    

Anyone who is able to connect to the place inside of them where kindness, compassion and love reside, may have a few questions for the corporate capitalist apologists.    When exactly did we have free markets?  Was that during the time of slavery?  The free market certainly did decide the paltry value of a human life just as today’s disposable society where people are thrown away like the trash.  Or maybe we had free markets during the time of the Robber Barons?  Or murdering Pinkerton Guards?  Or, company-owned towns?  Or maybe the 20 year depression of the late 1800s?  Or, maybe around the time of World War I and the Ludlow Massacre?  Or, maybe during the Great Depression?  Or, maybe it was the mass violence against labor and race in the middle of the twentieth century that literally led to an unprecedented national revolt against this system?  Which then the state responded to by taking away our liberties and capitalism responded to by ultimately breaking the back of labor aka society.  Because it certainly hasn’t been since the mid 1970s, when as a child, I witnessed adult family members and friend’s parents suffer extreme and unnecessary anxiety, pain and loss due to mass economic dislocation and injustice.  And it hasn’t been any time since with wages for all but a very few  stagnant and, at the same time the state used its violence to literally steal everything on behalf of a very small number of state actors.  

So, when did we have free-market corporate capitalism?  Please, I really want to hear a plausible explanation.  I’m all ears.  Send me an email.  The reality is humanity has fought to keep from drowning under this system since its inception four hundred-odd years ago.  Every once in a while humanity appears on the verge of breaking through but the state and its invention of corporate capitalism, always use state violence to beat back and ultimately overturn those gains. 

All states have dark histories that are often rewritten and suppressed.   Because all states exist for one reason; violence.  ProPublica has an excellent personal account of a history often suppressed or sanitized in this nation; Ghosts of Greenwood.  It is hard to read this vivid account and not appreciate a substantial sense of total injustice and  pure brutality that Nikole and her family and relatives lived under.  Good useful idiots for capitalism and capitalists themselves often affectionately refer to these times as the good ole days.  Good for whom?  Women?  Minorities?  Poor whites?  Immigrants?  “Inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.”  Capitalism relies on state-enforced class to exploit people to survive.  So, there are always the exploiters and the exploited.   It’s the good ole days for the exploiters.  Not so much for the exploited. 

Anyone looking for some type of grounding in reality of why we are seeing so much unlawful immigration and so many refugees around the world only need this piece to get a context of how corrupt capitalism, private capital and this economic system have always been.   There may have been a small window of dynamics when corporate capitalists weren’t bringing in boatloads of immigrants to fill their factories, and that created a mass movement of black and impoverished white labor in this nation.  For black Americans, this meant instead of being exploited as sharecroppers, they were exploited as wage slaves.  For a short period of time black labor and impoverished white labor was finally allowed a small piece of the pie.  That didn’t last long.   Because soon the endless labor arbitraging of the corporate state was again in full swing through either cheap immigrant labor or corporate slave labor colonies around the world. 

This is the real dynamic behind the diaspora our nation is experiencing.  And once again it is both black and white Americans who are being exploited with immigrant labor.  And, interestingly, it is now a president with both a black and white heritage taking that exploitation to a new level.  Now asking for billions to deal with an immigration crisis he is largely responsible for while Americans on the receiving end continue to rot.  We are simply lathering, rinsing and repeating the same corrupt, unlawful process over and over and over again.  A process created by the corporate state.  Who wins?  The corporate state.  Who loses?  All labor, be that white collar, blue collar.   It doesn’t matter.  All labor is exploited whether it is physical labor or intellectual labor.  And now the repression is so great that white collar labor is getting a major dose of reality as doctors are told by capitalists they are allowed seven minutes to see a patient as just one of countless examples.   What decent human being wants to practice medicine under such violence?

I have written extensively of the how and why but this story is a prime example of why we need public capital in a democracy.  Because wage slavery, economic slavery and the associated subjugation to social injustice and human suffering are and always have been part of this system.   What does it matter that outright slavery was abolished if economic and wage slavery still exist?    What does it matter if you have basic human rights if they are not applicable to your place of work or the economic system that sets the tone for every aspect of your existence?   This is a prime reminder of why public capital is needed to actually stimulate private investment, public investment, human investment and investment in free communities.   And why Jefferson’s desire for government to literally give every American their own property (public capital) was and remains so important.  And, by public capital, no I don’t mean anything controlled by politicians as noted on here repeatedly.  Politics is going to disappear some day forever because it is an institution of the ego aka control that subverts truth and freedom.  

We have never, in the history of capitalism, had a free society or a free market.  What we should seek are fair markets that work on behalf of society and individuals rather than private, for-profit corporate interests, state actors or private individual interests stripping people of the vast majority of their fruitful labor for exploited surplus value.

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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Joke Of The Day: Mainstream Media Reports Computer Passes Turing Test (Passes As Being Human) And Computers Will Be The Dominant Intelligence By 2045

A month or so ago it was reported by the brilliant mainstream press that a computer passed a Turing Test and, thus it is implied has somehow reaching some level of human ability.   Additionally, just some days ago a physicist, with a profit-driven intent of selling books, noted that humanity would no longer be the top species by 2045.  Instead, it will be computers.  

Bullshit.  I’m constantly amazed by what passes as knowledge in modern corporate capitalist society.

The accepted absurdity that has become so much a part of our lives is truly surreal.  Humanity doesn’t even know what the brain is, let alone what the mind is.   In fact, science views them as one and the same.   That is a very dubious assumption.   Many in science interchangeably use the term mind and brain.  Who said the mind had anything to do with the brain or vice versa?  How do we know that the mind resides in the brain?   There is no truly good evidence of this.   There are assumptions but those assumptions provide no compelling evidence that the mind has any physical shape or physical form.  There is actually some  scientific evidence that the mind may not reside in the brain but rather simply controls it.

One proof point that we know little about the mind or the brain is that modern science has a cure rate of less than 5% for chronic or serious mental illnesses or what we believe is improper functioning of the brain and/or mind.   Allopathic medicine is occasionally and often temporarily able to ameliorate mental illness symptoms, often at a substantial cost,  through pharmacological agents.  But the reality is the cure rates for mental illness is essentially not much better than statistical zero.   What does that tell us?  Maybe our entire foundations of brain and mind science are completely wrong.  Or that we still know almost nothing about either.  

Mainstream medicine and associated science has become reasonably knowledgeable in dealing with sensory abilities of the brain.  That is, the physical interfaces from the brain to our world.  And, thus physical abnormalities associated with the connections to the brain such as the possibility of restoring sight, hearing or motor function.   If we get beyond these simplistic views of our brain and mind then our knowledge becomes more precarious.  Beyond both of these, science still can’t even define what consciousness is.  Does consciousness even have anything remotely to do with the brain?  When I hear neuroscientists claim that self-awareness is consciousness, as is very often the case in the mainstream, it reinforces how little we actually know.   Self-awareness is self-awareness.  That’s why it’s called self-awareness.  If self-awareness was consciousness it would be called consciousness.  Consciousness is something we don’t really understand except at an intuitive level.  And that is why it really has escaped proper and consistent definition.  How can we define of explain what we really don’t understand?  It’s akin to defining or explaining the life force of the universe.  Another related topic we know nothing about. 

Through scientific experiments, some believe there is evidence consciousness does not reside in the brain but rather in the pineal gland or what is often literally seen as a third eye in some species, and thus is often called humanity’s third eye or eye into the soul.  There certainly is much to consider on this topic as our  view of reality may actually be created through the pineal gland and its possible release of compounds creating that illusory experience.  My point?   We really have no idea what the human experience really is. 

That doesn’t mean there aren’t many good and decent people trying to make a positive difference in the mental health or medical sciences industry.  Or that scientific progress should be abandoned.  Not is not what I am saying at all.  They certainly do make a difference.  And some of the motor and sensory discoveries made in the last handful of years have been quite profound.  Science is a never-ending journey.  But as it pertains to the human mind and brain, the road is long, hard, and without a seeming end.  

Much of today’s brain “science” was stumbled upon accidently decades ago.  And much of it is now collapsing like a lot of other allopathic medical “science” or other science that is now catching up to itself and its dubious assertions and conclusions.  I suspect that is because our basic assumptions about what the mind and the brain actually are could both be very wrong.    If that is so, it means institutionalized brain and mind science reinforces wrongness and stifles innovative and new research ideas.   In other words, what we call mainstream, institutionalized science, education and associated  knowledge might be better labeled as indoctrination. 

I know a little bit about artificial intelligence re the supposed Turing Test results and the ludicrous claims of some coming singularity; a topic I have mocked on here in the past.  I’m not on the cutting edge of AI nor am I going to sit down and write any code or design circuits anymore but then the fundamentals of that science really haven’t changed.   They haven’t changed because our knowledge of the human experience, the human brain and the human mind really haven’t changed.  And, in fact, as noted above, much of it is regressing.  Bigger, faster, easier to program and marginally better programming techniques is all science has to offer in its extremely weak, ignorant and unknowing understanding of the human human experience.  That’s about it in layman’s terms.  

It’s been a while since I have talked about this on here but it’s a combination of ego, ignorance and propaganda when anyone claims that we are close to copying the human brain or mind through computer technology or human invention.   Or that we can create computers capable of being human.  Or as some blowhards spout for highly profitable, self-interested purposes, like selling books and themselves, that we are nearing some kind of singularity.  Frankly, these people are either deceitful or ignorant or ignorantly deceitful or deceitfully ignorant.  They do a disservice to wonderment, creativity, invention, science, humanity and discovery by blatant misrepresentation of science that simply does not exist. 

Without digging up scientific citations and references, of which there are many, (because this is a stream of conscious blog post and not a dissertation) there is ample evidence that much of the human experience may actually operate from outside of the brain.  Especially when it comes to many higher order abilities and higher order intelligence.  As noted on here some years ago, there is more evidence that the human brain evolved to meet the demands of the expanded human mind and/or consciousness rather than vice versa as is believed by all of institutionalized science.  In other words, in some way human consciousness or the mind’s ability took a gigantic leap forward and that expansion of power and ability drove rapid and radical brain development needed to take advantage of it within our perceptions of physical reality.   Do Newton’s Laws not state that energy is required to create change?  What energy created that rapid expansion of the human brain?   Well, that could certainly have been the eternal light of the human mind.

In other words, for many functions and abilities, the brain may simply be some kind of receptor that processes information and translates that into something our bodies and this world can understand or act upon in our perceptions of physical reality.  On that note, I have already posted that the human mind actually grows biological magnetic material or magnetite within it.   In other words, magnetic material that our body produces organically.  And we have absolutely no clue what it is for.   Simplistic interpretations try to link it to some lost receptor ability to navigate direction through the earth’s magnetosphere.  Most certainly this is wildly simplistic and erroneous because we are, in fact, so scientifically-ignorant.  

Turing’s original questions were founded around a concept of whether computers could actually think.   That’s obviously a valid question.  Albeit, not in the sense that Turing believed.  This recent test isn’t proving that at all.   The fundamental question is what actually is thinking?   Again, we are at another assumption science makes that clearly could be another dead end or false assumption that keeps institutionalized science heading down the wrong path. 

Do we really know what thinking actually is?  To take this further, there is also some evidence, although certainly far from conclusive, as just about nothing regarding the mind ever is, that thinking isn’t thinking at all as institutionalize science believes.  Rather, it’s listening.  That the brain is listening to the mind or the universe or consciousness in some way we don’t understand.  And that the human gift of discovery, invention, creativity and innate human values may arise from listening to the divine higher power of our mind rather than any particular “stuff” found in our brain.  And that expression is then interpreted based on our unique experiences.  Does the brain light up when we are “thinking”?  Sure it does.  But does that mean the source of our thinking resides in that part of the brain?  Meh.  Mimicry?  Possibly.   Discovery, creativity, invention and innate human values?  A very dubious assumption. 

If thinking is really often listening, then each human being has within his or her ability to be incredibly creative and wonderfully brilliant if able to connect to and refine the ability to listen to the knowledge of the universe or the human mind or whatever we are able to tap into.  We often see this with people who are nothing more than average, if not, mentally-challenged in some or even all aspects of life but are gifted beyond words in other aspects.   I’m not just talking about savants, Einsteins, Michelangelos, clairvoyants, mystics or whatnot.  I’m talking about craft, art, literature, cooking, comedy, music, raising children, love, kindness, empathy and other gifts and forms of human expression that we see in people of all walks of life.  Everyone has a gift that makes them unique.  It’s simply a matter whether it has been tapped and refined.   Mind you, the greatest gift is one of unconditional acceptance and love.  Something that is clearly lost in our Godless, primitive, corporate state existence that disconnects us from our mind’s higher power.

Frankly, were it up to state actors, the human mind would be suppressed to the point of emotional and spiritual  meaninglessness.  Because that is what is required to subjugate humanity to a world of state power and control.   And, that is exactly the problem in the world today.  The human spirit has been tyrannically subjugated to unbridled state power and the thugs who wield it.  How many Albert Einsteins are we missing because our voices have been repressed through state tyranny?  Frankly, there is ample reason to believe any Albert Einsteins born into poverty or the mass of humanity simply trying to stay alive in this state-dominated world may not make it out of poverty or a life of meaninglessness in today’s controlled society.   Einstein wasn’t exactly a child prodigy and thus easily identified and exploited by the corporate state.   In today’s world he might be selling crack on the street corner to stay alive.  Or how many compassionate and merciful people who have a gift to change the world are brutally subjugated to a life of state-created and enforced poverty, repression and nothingness?

The greatest inhibitor to acquiring new knowledge, new scientific discovery and human expression is definitely the ego’s intent of control.   Control driven by subconscious and conscious fear.  Control and fear are the definition of the state.  The state exists for one reason; to perpetuate violence on behalf of class-based state actors.  To control you for their own self-interest.  And, thus by conclusion to inhibit the discovery of new knowledge and truth.

This fear/control dynamic literally shuts down normal functioning and connection of the mind and brain as we enter a primitive state of survival.  This is something science can actually measure.   And given how primitive of an existence we all lead under corporate and state control, propagandized consumerism, competition with each other over economic success/employment/survival, debt slavery and corporate wage chattel, humanity certainly is living through a substantial dark ages in science, art, literature, creativity, music and innovation.  Instead, we live in a world of conformity to corporate state approved science, literature, music, innovation, etc.   We are subjugated to a system where the state and its invention of private, class-based capital only glorify what they can use and abuse to exploit humanity for profit rather than progress or truly human individualism and associated expression.  Umm, this won’t last because there is almost certainly some magic juju and secret sauce courtesy of the human mind we don’t understand that will correct this regressive, unstable, primitive state of being.   

If any of our perceptions of the mind and brain are in any way, shape or form wrong, it would explain why science literally knows almost nothing of substantial relevance about the mind and brain.  Why our mind science is literally stuck in neutral and, in many regards, has been since the time of the ancient yogis.

Regardless, the propagandists, cultists and soothsayers who are trying to sell us on nonsense like singularity or computers that exhibit human qualities and values are simply bamboozling people purely for their own self-interested, profit-motive being the good exploitative, predatory capitalists they are.  You know, just like the capitalist medicinal tonic salesmen of a century ago who sold people the same faux medicine.  And just as a century ago, the people who don’t know any better lap it up courtesy of predatory exploitation.  Should we not be protecting each other from this type of victimization rather than allowing it to happen continually?   Using our abilities to progress humanity and our cumulative experiences rather than exploit each other for profit as this system does? 

Regardless, it’s dangerous and reckless for people to make the claims that humanity has created a computer or a program that can mimic humanity.  It’s also an outright lie. 

When wonderment ceases to exist and junk science, theories and beliefs that sell textbooks replaces it, science, discovery and the search for truth suffers tremendously.  And all new discoveries are then pigeonholed, shoehorned and forced into ideological dogma and institutionalized junk science, theories and beliefs to protect the self-interest of hierarchical institutions housing its keepers of the faith.  There is ample evidence this is where we are with mind science.  That hierarchical, state institutionalization of mind science is repressing our ability of discovery.

We have a whole lot more data to collect aka wonderment and science before we could even make a crudely rudimentary theoretical model of the mind or brain.   Quite frankly, without some major leap forward in human evolution and, thus understanding, it’s akin to the same question of life after death or of some universal intelligence.   In other words, without some new abilities the universe is going to gift us, I am actually quite confident the day of singularity or computers becoming human-like in any way other than through mimicry of logic and rationalism (the elusive and possible apparition that is the ego) will ever come to pass.  Frankly, the paradox creates an impossibility that this will ever happen.  How can we create that which we do not understand?

Is there some agenda involved in telling us a computer passed the Turing Test or other equally demeaning, ignorant bullshit?   I often wonder.  If there is, it would likely be that pseudo-science is simply a manifestation of the continual beat down of humanity’s natural state of spirituality courtesy of state actors and the faux liberal intelligentsia who tell us that we are nothing more than random blobs without any reason for existence except to be exploited by them courtesy of natural selection and survival of the most pathological and predatory.   That our place in this world is to be nothing more than chattel owned by the state and told what to think and do.  Including the mindless consumption of capitalism’s necessary overproduction.  In order to be this kind of mind slave, one must accept your fate as being nothing more than randomness to be exploited by those who believe they are better than you. 

But, in fact, some days later, some in science rightly refuted the claim of passing the Turing Test.  There is yet hope that the search for truth will prevail.   If this is to be so, the state will collapse.  And, possibly much of its mind and brain science with it.

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Obama’s Truman Show Moment: Aloof, Bizarre And Detached

Given the massive crises, poverty and economic horrors that face our nation. I must agree with this congressman.  Obama’s behavior is aloof, bizarre and detached.   It’s almost like he is living in a delusional bubble of his own making.  How does anyone shoot pool, drink beer and yuck it up for the camera or spend $40+ million of taxpayer dollars on vacations and golf in what is clearly a global depression?  

Watching Obama is a little like watching a cross between the Truman Show and the Manchurian Candidate.  It’s almost as if he has created this movie storyline to his life in his mind and now he is acting it out without any recognition of the reality that faces him.  It’s so surreal that it’s like he’s not even aware of reality.  Incompetence is so far above his pay grade that it’s not even on his radar.   Obama’s not just paying attention to this humanitarian crisis, he’s not paying any attention to any crisis.   And there are a whole laundry list of them starting with the diasporas his horrendous policies are creating not just here but around the world.

Is Sarah Palin available?  I’m serious.  I would take Palin over Obama all day long.   If her track record and remarks are any indication, she would shut down Obama’s unconstitutional activity which includes spying, prosecute Obama’s corporate fraudster buddies and restore some degree of empowerment to Americans that our welfare president continues to hijack.  

It would be nice if we had the ability to call for a vote of no confidence to immediately remove him from office before he does any more damage.  There is almost no confidence in his ability to lead even from Democratic Party hacks.   

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Monday, July 07, 2014

The World Of Unprecedented Global Violence - Refugees Highest Since WWII

This is a perfect example of how ignorant the world has become under the corporate state and its political toadies.  While suffering is at such an extreme level, our fearless leaders tell us we are living through unprecedented times of peace and the global economy has recovered.   Is there any better example of how hierarchy and class dumbs down the human experience?  Honestly?  Obama commented some weeks ago that the world is less violent than it has ever been.  His intimation, through exclusion, a lack of acknowledgement of the times in which we live, and his remarks that every single day he helps someone, goes beyond violence to include implied prosperity.   As your great leader I am handing you with a better world.  This is a prime example of megalomania  taking credit for a reality that truly doesn’t even exist.  This is right out of the dystopian 1984 or some Soviet Union or communist China propaganda campaign or a third world Marxist manifesto.   But I suspect Obama, like Bush, Clinton, Reagan and others before him, actually believes his own storylines-

 “Power always thinks it has a great soul and vast views beyond the comprehension of the weak; and that it is doing God’s service when it is violating all His laws.” -- John Adams

The reality is we are living through a time of unprecedented state violence around the world.  Statists like Obama perpetuate global emotional, spiritual and physical violence on a level never before seen in the history of humanity and these astronomical refugee numbers are simply confirmation of that fact.  If we add in those suffering with no prospects of employment or a living wage in the developed world to those of refugees, the numbers of people suffering under tyranny, injustice and violence in this world are absolutely staggering.   It is certainly a number in the billions.   The cumulative human experience is under unprecedented duress of state violence.   But the propagandists are here to tell us how wonderful life truly is.  For those who have stolen everything from humanity, that is, statists of all ilk including corporate bureaucrats, I am sure they truly do believe life is grand.  And that they are all doing God’s work.

This level of global refugee diaspora is certainly substantially the same dynamic behind the mass influx of immigrants swelling into the southern United States.  That is, it is actually U.S.  policies that are creating unprecedented suffering in countries on our southern border.   The United States is not the only nation facing this issue.  It is everywhere as this global system of violence collapses.  Der Spiegel has a new story of the same issue facing their nation - Germany caught off guard by surge in refugees.  And Europe as a whole is facing the same issue.  Nations such as Italy have actually threatened to leave the Eurozone if they cannot get a handle on illegal immigration.   In fact, as noted on here before, it is corporate capitalism that has even created a diaspora within our own nation.  Communities, families and friendships are broken apart as employment opportunities become less bountiful over many decades as corporations and the state tighten their grip.  So, people must often move half way across the country, forsaking life-long bonds and connections simply to find work.   The “parking lot” suburb is a manifestation of this transient diaspora dynamic.

As with everything else, no one in the mainstream is talking about what the real issues are.  Although there are plenty of people who appreciate the real issues.  They just don’t get their voices heard.  It’s just like every other crisis that faces humanity.  There are a plethora of solutions.  Just no one with their foot on our necks willing to shut the f*ck up long enough to actually listen.   Our masters don’t want that.

Non-ironically, the Wall Street Journal has just run an op-ed in support of lawless borders under the guise of free market, capitalist principles.  Everything written in this article is absolutely wrong at absolutely the right time.  In other words, its author, just another ignorant corporate bureaucrat, is top-ticking decades of neoliberalism corporate-state inspired beliefs that are about to come crashing down on him and the brutal, inhumane world that he and other plutocrats have created.

One has to wonder why both Republicans and Democrats are completely united on trashing our borders and allowing the “free flow of immigration” cited in the Wall Street Journal op-ed?   Because that is exactly what it is.   It is exploiting the masses whether that be the immigrants themselves or the masses in any particular nation who “pay” for these lawless programs by being tax donkeys or through the loss living wages.     Is this op-ed an example of a new form of compassionate corporate capitalism?  Ha!   The Chamber of Commerce is pushing very, very hard in support of these dynamics as noted on here before.  And so are multinational corporations.  These plutocrats are exploiting the compassion of people to allow this type of suffering to become accepted.  I think it is quite plausible that the real reason for immigration reform-less “reform” is exactly the same reason why the U.S. is in an economic and social crisis in the first place.  That is, as a Japanese American professor at Berkeley notes, the U.S. immigration influx is about re-educating society into a permanent subservient class to serve our aristocratic corporate state masters.  You know, that same state propaganda I cited in my last post.   This is what our corporate masters want.  So, we are fed a healthy dose of propaganda to normalize us to this type of suffering.  That is exactly what this Wall Street Journal op-ed is espousing.  That this type of dislocation and diaspora that is a result of hardship become the new normal. 

Here is what we do know from the mass of diaspora around the world.  This movement is not driven by a compassionate and empathetic world.   It is not driven by an unprecedented level of peace and prosperity.   It is driven by an unprecedented global evil in this world. 

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Friday, July 04, 2014

A Fourth of July Post On The Corporate State, Part Deaux

At the link is an interview done in 1985, I believe.   The interview is with a KGB defector, Yuri Bezmenov, who defected to Canada.  These interviews are pretty popular consumption on Youtube.   Many readers may be familiar with Yuri.  In another interview, also done during the Reagan administration, Bezmenov, trained in state subversion and propaganda techniques, talked about how astonished he was in seeing the decay of America into a system of propagandized, dumbed-down Marxist-Leninist statism just like in the Soviet Union.   

Interestingly, a poll recently came out that showed Reagan as the most popular president since World War II.   The effects of state propaganda?  They certainly don’t meld with Bezmenov’s view of the U.S. during Reagan’s presidency.   Bezmenov had already seen the U.S. populace as being steeped in tyrannical propaganda techniques and substantial loss of freedoms at that time.   How can one really argue with the reality that Reagan was a horrible, statist president as documented on here ad nauseam.  An outsider who understood this after living through the Soviet experience was able to see reality through an unfiltered lens of corporate state propaganda while most Americans were not.

As an aside, remember, Putin is also KGB.  Don’t believe any of the fawning press or useful idiots easily duped.  Russia is clearly a predator state.  There are many state agendas to what we are being fed about world affairs and no one knows what they are.  Some believe that the Soviet power structure still exists today.  That it has been reconstituted in the current Russian state.  And they are using the west’s technology transfer to coalesce into a new statist power structure.   Europe and American corporate capitalism are more than willing to oblige with that technology transfer in the name of greed and profits.  Just as they did with the Nazis.  Just like they did with the Chinese communists.  If this viewpoint has some validity to it, and it is clearly plausible, the same communist predators may rise again in new Russian power structures to be a threat to humanity.   That certainly appears to be so to some degree with Soviet apparatchiks now the capitalist oligarchs the KGB Putin shields in the Russian corporate capitalist state. 

Back to Bezmenov.  There is ample evidence Bezmenov was very prescient on one hand but possibly wrong on another.   In other words, the U.S. was already heading down a steep slope but the Soviet Union collapsed soon after his warnings to Americans about communism and communist ideals strongly rooted in this nation by the mid 1980s.   Communism in this world is dead.  But the U.S. continues down a slippery slope of tyranny, injustice, corruption and state violence.  Now, the threat of communism may still be simmering under the surface and kept alive by liberal fanatics around the world, but the possibility exists that the real threat was never communism at all.  But that it was the king’s corporate capitalism, central banks, private for-profit bankers and capitalist greed.   And that while Bezmenov may have recognized the violence of the Soviet Union, what he did not recognize was that it may have been created by western capitalist nations in the first place.  Let me expand upon that somewhat further. 

Bezmenov was certainly right about the state and its endless violence against humanity.  Something to consider in these videos are his remarks that outright war and physical violence are a last resort of state control.  Something I have noted many times.  That the state has actually failed in its mission of propagandized emotional and spiritual control when it has to resort to outright physical violence.  Humanity cannot live under a system of continual violence of any kind.  The human condition simply crumbles and we are witnessing that today on a mass scale in the U.S.   The same crumbling that existed in the Soviet Union.  This manifests itself in countless social dynamics be that addictions, physical violence or whatnot. 

One dynamic that people can clearly appreciate is those exploited (corporate state violence) at work end up sabotaging their work, cruising the internet, doing a half-assed job and other forms of often subconscious forms of resistance to that violence.   This while the exploiters in corporate America and the state believe life is grand.  Buy their new BMWs, Mercedes, second homes and take multiple vacations off the backs of the exploited.   Whether that is the California firefighter making $190,000 a year or the Wall Street banker or anyone in between.  It’s not quite working out so well for the 150 or so million Americans on the receiving end of this violence.

Instead, people in society must accept their slavery willingly.  Violence must be covert and sinister.  This is accomplished through state propaganda aka subconscious emotional and spiritual violence.  Bezmenov talks about how 85-90% of state resources are directed at this type of violence and control rather than the overt use of violence that people generally see in spying, espionage, terrorism, etc.   

If this is anywhere true in the United States today, can you begin to imagine how much time and effort is used to manipulate Americans into accepting our own tyranny?  It must be a staggering degree of propaganda and deception.  Because the 10-15% he cites in spying, espionage and terrorism of the United States is staggeringly beyond surreal.   Of course, another possibility exists.  That is, the emotional and spiritual violence are no longer working.  That either people are awakening to the deceit or are walking corpses who just don’t give a shit anymore.  If this is so, then the increase in outward violence is a manifestation of coming corporate state collapse.  Just like the Soviet Union.

Bezmenov talks of a demoralizing process used by the state with an intent of control.  And this was a process the KGB developed and instituted in the Soviet Union and around the world.  The steps were:

  1. Demoralization
  2. Destabilization
  3. Crisis
  4. Normalization

This program of state violence would  “change the perception of reality to such an extent that despite the abundance of information, no one would be able to come to sensible conclusions in the interest of defending themselves, their families, their community, and their country.”   In other words, institutionalize as much of the population as possible.  Thus reducing their threat to state power and ultimately their acceptance of it.  Or, possibly even going so far as to become useful idiots who, rather than supporting their own freedom, actually support the state’s victimization and exploitation of them and their fellow citizens without consciously realizing it.  Let’s see.  Who is institutionalized in this country?  Many public workers.  Wall Street.  The political class.  Corporate capitalists.  The birthright rich.  Shopaholics.  The merchant class.  Real estate-related careers.  Anyone who can be exploited for substantial profits; that would include doctors, lawyers, engineers, scientists, programmers, most college-degreed corporate workers, etc.    Essentially anyone who is anywhere near successful.  Or, anyone other than the working class.

Of those who are under the duress of propaganda, as Bezmenov notes, “Even if I shower him with authentic information, with authentic truth, with documents and pictures. Even if I take him by force to the Soviet Union and show him a concentration camp, he will refuse to believe it.”

We have seen this type of manipulation and deception throughout history.   Even when there is no formal state process developed for purposes of control.   Whether that is Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union or the British Empire or the Roman Empire or the U.S. Empire.  It all rhymes.  It rhymes because, in effect, what Bezmenov is pointing out is simply formalizing pathology for the benefit of the state.  It’s essentially formalizing the behavior of psychopathy for state actors to control humanity.  Where victims are actually manipulated into believing a false reality so that they are capable of being exploited by state predators.   This is why tyranny is so consistent throughout the ages and throughout the world.  Pathology always and eventually controls concentrated power.  And its intents and methods of manipulating humanity are consistent.   

Here is a key point I want to make.  Unlike the Soviet Union, in the United States that propaganda is often most effectively developed and carried out by corporations, creatures of the state that are  extensions of state policy and propaganda.

When Bezmenov talks about a willing target to state propaganda, in the U.S. that is substantially driven by corporate advertisers, corporate propaganda, the corporate military-industrial complex and their talking mouthpieces in politics who promulgate propagandized beliefs in free market corporate capitalism and the like. 

The threat to the United States was not the Soviet Union or  Leninist Marxism.   In fact, the rise of Marxist-Leninist propaganda in this nation has likely been as a statist counterweight to the growing power of corporate capitalism.   There is ample evidence that corporate capitalism and western banking funded the communists in the 1917 revolution.  Trotsky was living in New York and Lenin in western Europe.  Both were  clearly somehow funded by American and European interests while living there.   Capitalist interests?  Do your diligence.  But many in Russia and the west have recognized the 1917 Revolution and the resultant tyranny under which they lived was funded by corporate capitalists.   And that funding continued through many covert means for much of the Soviet Union’s existence.   Again do you own diligence but there is ample evidence.

Some people would question why any good capitalist would seek to create a communist state.  Well, that’s not for me to answer.  I am not privy to those possibilities.  But remember that corporate capitalism is a system of class created by class.  And it uses the state to perpetuate class through violence. 

From what we now see unfolding, that is the true violence behind corporate capitalism revealing itself, there are many easily appreciated reasons why capitalism may have wanted to create a communist state.  One may be that Russia was on a path to democratic reforms that would have collapsed corporate capitalism as many believe.   In other words, to remove that threat.  Is that so hard to believe given all of the meddling we now see courtesy of Snowden, Wikileaks, etc.   The U.S. and Europe have their fingers in all forms of state violence around the world.  Another may be that the Soviet Union created the enemy that capitalism and the corporate state needed to survive, as noted on here before.  As we look around us today, how hard is Europe, especially Britain, and the U.S. seeking to find a new enemy to maintain this system of economic injustice?  Pretty damned hard.  And that will almost certainly continue as they attempt to goad Russia and eventually China into taking some sort of action against us.  So, that a new statist Cold War can develop.  Or that economic warfare can be taken to the next level?

The question remains, as noted in my first 4th of July post, what is the common interest driving this state violence and why?  It is definitely concerted between Europe, Canada, the U.S. and other capitalist nations.  

Remember, what most institutionalized capitalists won’t accept or fail to realize is that capitalism was invented by feudal societies in Europe well before democracy ever took hold.  While European nations have achieved some substantial modicum of democratic reforms, economically, they still live in a very stratified, class-based system.   In other words, private for-profit capital controls their democracies and societies as it now does ours.   And in Europe, it has since the time of kings, queens, lords and ladies or birthright aristocracy who subjugated humanity to a system of brutality and exploitation for their own amusement.   Capitalism is the very method through which those interests have maintained their grip on Europe.  Europe is still a monarchy-driven culture of class.  There are a dozen monarchies that still exist in Europe.  Without the force of the state, they would disappear and so would their power.  Capitalism is the sole mechanism through which titled families and birthright aristocracy maintain their power in Europe.  Especially Britain but certainly other nations as well.   Do you see any of the aristocracy  or 1% dealing with austerity?   The enemy is not the millionaire who achieves their wealth through their own intellectual and physical exertion.  It is the multi-millionaire to billionaire who achieves their wealth through corporate rent extraction, surplus value of the working class and state welfare.

The natural state of the human mind is to be present.  That means we acquire and consume no more than we an need in the present moment.  Beyond that, the acquisition of substantially more than we can ever use is driven purely by the disconnected ego, the source of all evil in this world.   Frankly, this understanding has been recognized for thousands of years by ancient religions and spiritual mystics.   It is also understood in the natural world where no life or resource is taken unless it is needed to survive.   In other words, the natural world operates on a system of mutual respect for all life.  Bears may gorge before their winter slumber or squirrels may bury away seeds when the coming season is void of food, but this is appreciated within the context of the present moment.  

Corporate capitalism can only survive by seeking greater and greater rent extraction.  That manifests itself with massive overproduction and associated overconsumption.   Of raping the planet and humanity.  Additionally, overconsumption makes us stupid.  It disconnects our minds from this natural state of being and places us in a primitive ego-state of mindless attachment.  Attachment is never satisfied.  It is meaningless.  So, it drives even greater attachment as the ego seeks meaning through the acquisition of more and more worldly possessions.  This is not the founding principles of our nation.  This is not what we celebrate on the 4th of July.   Capitalism was only brought to this nation years after the Revolutionary War by Alexander Hamilton.  

Capitalism is no less a form of state violence than communism.   Ironically, does one require the other to exist?  Similar to the false meme of Democrats and Republicans?   If one of the political parties in this nation collapses, the other is going with it.  Because they too operate under the same false meme of state violence.

Happy 4th of July.  Celebrate your true identity.  That is, your divine existence of freedom and worthiness granted by your Creator that is void of your state-driven identity.

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